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Ken H.

Henderson Area
Moving Claim

My great grand mother's antique record player was damaged in the move. This was a large oak cabinet. The top cover was destroyed. I was contacted by las Vegas claims reference the damaged. Colby arrived and professionally inspected the damaged. They assured me they would restore the oak record player to the original condition. I had my doubts, but it came back perfect, Wow! That's all I can say.

Thanks Las Vegas Claims!


About Las Vegas Claims

Las Vegas Claims Nevada has collectively over 40 years experience in the furniture and electronic business. As a team we can solve almost anything. Most of all, we love our work! ! !

Why Choose Us?

1. For moving companies we reduce the slumber of settlements to cash outs and products replacement, reducing your overall settlement cost.

2. We are able to repair many items deemed " unrepairable " by other repair firms, resulting in satisfied customers and an overall reduce cost settlement.

Virtually eliminate dissatisfied shippers with quality work, status updates, reporting and service.

Fax or email us your authorization and claims.

Receive rapid e-status acknowledgment that your claim request has been received and is being scheduled.
We keep constant communication with the adjusters.

We contact the shipper within 24 hours of our receipt of your request to schedule am inspection and/ or authorized repairs.

Once an appointment time has been scheduled you are notified via e-status, along with the date and time of the appointment and any other pertinent information.

Within 3 business days of the initial inspection, you will be sent the completed inspection report via e-status, including photographs. You will receive frequent updates though E-status during the repair process, documenting contact made with shipper, delivers, and repair status.

Finally, after we have completed repairs and returned repaired items to the shipper, you will be sent a status update with our work preformed report, and a repair release signed by the shipper indicated that they have accepted delivery and that they are satisfied with the work performed.

We will earn your business!

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